MRD ARQUITECTOS is a Mexican architecture firm founded by architect Antonio Morodo Diaz in 2008. The firm is dedicated to the design and development of architectural and urban projects.

MRD has a full interdisciplinary structure of architects, designers and specialists working in unison, this way their talent and abilities are potentialized to produce excellent results to meet the needs of every one of our clients.


The studio has a profound commitment to profesional and human quality. It is fundamental for us to maintain the ideology and vision behind our architecture at all times, this allows us to design functional, intelligent and aesthetic solutions for our clients. At MRD we believe every project is unique and utterly important, because of this we maintain a direct, transparent and intimate collaboration with our clients at all times. We do this so that with our work we can change and improve the quality of life of the users.

We thoroughly evaluate the origin, context, social impact and viability of every one of our projects in order to be able to incorporate the potential requirements and distinctive characteristics of each one. Creativity motivates and inspires us, every day we investigate and study different technologies and new ways of interpreting our designs; as a result we are  in constant movement and growth.


Constantly defining and reinventing our approach to architecture and design, we continuously have new goals to achieve and challenges to overcome. We commit to every project and treat it in a versatile and singular way in relation to the rest, however always with the same passion, constantly in pursuit of excellence.